Fybromyalgia suferers.. being healthy concerns the present

Fibromyalgia suffers cannot wait. Being healthy concerns the present. It can not be indefinite order in time. It has to live within you by now. When you love yourself, take care of yourself now, it help what is ailing now, not tomorrow – ever. The process of being in the now allows timely registration and control of what is happening within us and immediate action.
I do not have a problem to put off into my visit to the doctor tomorrow, or wait for it a few days or months. I can not help myself right away, even while working with the body and recognizing their problems and needs. My decision about being healthy is the most important because it determines the next steps that I will immediately put into effect. I can still so much to do NOW: forgive myself, massage place of pain, deeper breathing to relax the tension, do some exercise, accept my behavior, even when it is caused the problem.

And most of all I dedicate my time to get to know myself better, understand my behavior, emotions, ways of thinking.

Here and now is all which allows me to work, create, feel, and most of all to be, to feel alive.

I will now break for four days to travel. Talk to you soon. Take care of yourself in the meantime. This will return you a lot with gratitude.


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