Thursday, September 12, 2013

Secrets of the inner world of a fibromyalgia sufferer

las zielony1
The title of this chapter was created in me a long time ago. It was stored in my computer, as the title of the next book, which, as I see now, I am writing just now.
Many years of struggling with the pain of the soul (as a result of a traumatic childhood), and body aches in adulthood, led me to the fact that the inner world became my world of exploration. Through the experience of
childhood, I became a very sensitive person, introverted, which for years was holding up rather far away from the people. There was fear in me because to them, derived from the experiences of a little girl, exposed to extreme situations. Although over life I lived constantly in population of people (at school, college, family, working place), I always had the distance to the people, just as carefully chose my friends and acquaintances. This kind of lifestyle was too often the cause of my suffering from loneliness (which I felt also in me living in my family).
My world was different. My internal world was my refuge, even the long time I needed to be surrounded by people. Then I came back with joy to the inner world, because there I could be me, heal new wounds or long-standing, which have been re-discovered. The inner world that was the space what I needed a most, for what I missed, being in outer world. It was also what started only to discover, fascinating to explore, but also to understand and describe it in details. I realized the depth of this world, its wisdom, its hitherto hidden secrets slowly being discovered. It was me, a significant part of my life, my pulse, rhythm of life.
Do you know the secrets of your inner world? There are precious. Start to explore them!
Healing Fibromyalgia