War Veterans Suffering from Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Post Traumatic Syndrome PTSD sufferers who are veterans of wars 

by Dr. Ewa Danuta Bialek Ph.D.

You are probably wondering why I might turn to you, a veteran of the war? 

I am a senior , a medical doctor in Warsaw Poland, and what could I possibly have in common with you, a veteran of recent wars?

I did not fight in a war, but I am a survivor of post war horrors in Warsaw Poland under an oppressive and brutal communist regime. So, I experienced early in life the same trauma that soldiers and prisoners in concentration camps felt. Studies have shown that the devastating effects of war on soldiers and civilian populations will be felt for at least three or more subsequent generations. Your body will survive, barely, but your mind still carries the memories, and those memories continue to replay inside your mind damaging your body and the children will remember and as you will see, terribly affected by the suffering this is causing the parents and the constant stress.

Below is a video sharing my post war experiences and how they shaped how these experiences affected my healing plan.

These deep imprints, these horrible memories and the related post traumatic stress caused damage to my body and when the war was over, my life never returned to normal. So I know how it feels for veterans who land in a foreign country, experience war and all of its horror and pain, and are shipped back home, to supposedly resume life as it was before they left. Back to "normal", but will it ever be normal?  I understand why they suffer from so many ailments, one of them Fibromyalgia.

The video below describes the case studies that I used to develop my treatments.

My life after the war was far from normal because after the Nazis came the communists so it was not over for us as I explain in my video.  The effects of all of this suffering were transferred to me from my mother. I suffered from constant pain and was diagnosed early in life with Fibromyalgia and the symptoms of PTSD.

I knew I would be dependent on pain killers for the rest of my life. Everything was difficult for me, from the slightest movement.

But I did not give up. I believed in myself and was determined to beat this disease. It was not easy, however. Traditional medical treatments did not have all of the elements needed to fight Fibromyalgia at the time. Because they addressed only the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.

Despite my ailments, I graduated and became a medical researcher. My medical knowledge served me well. While traditional pain killers did not help me, I knew the science of the body's metabolism but I also knew that my war memories had a direct impact on what my body was doing to me, attacking my tissues. I am an immunologist and realized that sometimes the war is internal. I got involved with psycho synthesis and started the long process of recovery. I created my own healing plan that involved healing my body and my mind using traditional and holistic methods.
As a senior I feel better than I did as a youngster. However, this was a long process and it took dedication.

This is what my book "Healing Fibromyalgia" is about. A step by step description and explanation of how you too can follow this process to heal the mind and the body. The text is sometimes medical, as I am a scientist, but it is really a description of the treatments I prescribed for myself because my own science and traditional medical methods could not help me, totally, I had to reach out to the fields of psychology.

 Return for more video posts. To contact Doctor Ewa for advice please post a comment below.

The illness in my case started with the mind and those memories, and so I know that you will have to address those memories as well at some point, for they are what is preventing the healing. Sometimes to heal you must experience some pain to eliminate the poisons that are causing the damage.

But I know you can do it

Men of women who are veterans of wars are people who do not hesitate to take action against our enemies and sacrificed a great deal for others.   Well, it is time for this soldier to start the fight against his or her illness. With faith and determination you will win that war.

What I experienced for myself is that once I realized that there was hope, even though the process was not instant, and it took some time to journey back into health, I knew where I was going and I had faith I would beat this ailment.

I recommend that you read my book "Healing Fibromyalgia". We tried to reduce the price to a minimum through the miracle of electronic and on-demand publishing so it is more available to the fibromyalgia sufferers. We ran a short promo for free a few weeks ago,  thanks to Amazon and we had hundreds of downloads, so I thank Amazon for allowing us to do this and this tells us that there are many Fibromyalgia sufferers out there that we hope to help. I hope you take advantage of the low price which is the lowest we area allowed by Amazon as this book is exclusively through Amazon currently.  It was recently translated to English because I am not a native speaker.  Also, please take advantage of Amazon's special program to allow you to borrow this book if you happen to be a member of Amazon prime.  They fund this so you get it for free. Another great program that extends the availability of books like mine.

I have also prepared some special videos for our veterans that I link here.  My blog is being edited by my publisher, but please realize that my English is not perfect,  but I try to communicate to you what I have learned in my long life. So this is me speaking to you directly in the English videos.

I wish all of our veterans around the world good health.


  1. Vets suffer from Gulf war syndrome condition characteristics by fatigue &widespread pain and body aches related to active duty in 1991. There Persian Gulf War Syndrome.
    a condition characterizes by region pain as well as localized pain called trigger points that a Dr. can identify up appalling very slight pressure in 18 specific areas on the body.. his can be caused from accident, a fall, and even can be related to stress And this is not a mental issue like Dr's like to think and sweep your problem under the carpet. Some Dr's refuse to believe your sick and try and tell you it's in your head. It is not. But it dose in most cases start in the back of your neck were all the nerves in your body are bundled and lead into the body.

  2. Greetings Dr. First off kudos on aiding our vets as many have nowhere to turn for advice. I too have fibro and many other pain causing ailments. I have talked to vets who recommended cannabis & its CBD's because of their own successes. They are on to something. After ten yes of vicodin I'm happy to say I'm no longer on Any pharmaceuticals. Which I found were causing the majority of pain I was in. Now the cbds help the pain and my mood. What is your medical opinion Dr. Can this help others? Would you use cbds? Thank and god bless you & your work.


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