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This guide will provide hope for Fibromyalgia sufferers of all ages.
Dr. Ewa Bialek incredible journey from near crippled by the disease to completely healed and lecturing on the subject is documented in this comprehensive guide that details exactly how she did it and how you can to.

Dr. Ewa Danuta Bialek Ph.D is a medical researcher that suffered from the pain and despair of fibromyalgia for years due to a traumatic childhood.

Traditional methods were not helping her heal from fibromyalgia. In this personal journey she reveals how she discovered the whole body approach to holistic healing that involves healing the psyche and the body. It incorporates a broad vision of both the causes (roots of the disease), and effects, and a holistic approach to support what was damaged, neglected and ignored and what is still healthy and full of life. This is a guide for:
  • Women suffering from rheumatic disorder known as fibromyalgia. If you have you been told to mask symptoms with pills, you need to read this.
  • Physicians looking who want to broaden treatments by including a whole body and mind approach, not just focusing on symptoms but considering the life history of a patient and their psychological problems. 
The book both offers hope to improve the quality of life and provides ways to reconnect with the power that heals the root or cause of problems. It also supports readers to make their own decisions and choices concerning their health and disease.

Psychothesis is one of her treatments among others. But this book will also help you free yourself from painful conditions which are also psyche and lifestyle related.

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