Discovering peace to heal Fibromyalgia

For years, when I was working on my understanding, I realized how important it was, the silence and time for myself. I noticed how much noise bother me in the street, people talking constantly, television etc. I started to appreciate the time only dedicated for me and being present in tranquil environment that allows me to be truly myself. I noticed that these particular conditions allow me to gradually recover. At first I decided to participate in frequent trips out of town and being around nature. Then the constant yearning for peace attracted habitability in a quiet area, even though in the same city, away from the hustle and full of greenery.

These excellent conditions allowed me to begin to fully enjoy the peace, not only for creating something (ec. writing), but most of all to be with me, to explore the importance of silence for the integrity of my body, recover its rhythms, for harmony with nature and the people. I find that silence is full, full of life: life in me and surrounding world. It consists all the secrets of my performance and my actions in the world.
Let the peace exist in your life. Allow silence to discover its secrets in front of you. If you allow it to appear in your life, you will find harmony in you.
Healing Fibromyalgia


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