Fibromyalgia healing requires silence and meditation and positive thoughts.

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When I learned to enjoy the silence and read the processes that are happening in the body, I realized that my body is not a passive object or machine that needs external control when it will break. It was me, my conscious self is to listen to them and follow his consciousness. I have read the message of the body like a book. I have run my attention and notice how I think, what I think, but rather what’s in my mind and whole body.
When I admit the negative thoughts, they guided my life, because they arouse corresponding vibrations and produce obvious effects, not only in my body but also in the outer world. Depending on the quality of the vibration, there were specific emotions in me, and they stimulate the appropriate substances in the body (neurotransmitters, hormones, etc.). They were overproduced or suppressed being a subsequent effects on abnormal functioning in the body and the formation of pathological conditions.
When you begin to consciously watch yourself, you are starting to control your thinking that promote your health and well-being.
Start to think in harmony with your well-being and good health. Create them by proper thinking, positive thinking.
Healing Fibromyalgia


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