Fibromyalgia sufferers: Now is the time to take care of yourself.

Often people who have experienced the lack of love or abandonment, dedicated themselves to others, devoting their time and often money, which they have them little. In their subconscious lies deep pattern of deserving love.

This applies to relationships within the family (as a child), even friendship, partnership and family. This dedication to others brings at times extreme consequences. Such a person, she feels no power, but when someone call her to help, she can not refuse, because she thinks she lose something. Such a person has an inner compulsion to give ourselves to others, often against their conscious will. This kind of dedication to be distinguished from serving others, when a person is healthy, full of love and self-love, which is being done from her deeper nature, with joy, and not coercion or deserving of getting something for something.

This attitude is sick and at the expense of the people. This person, instead of sharing the joy (positive vibes) gives his feeble strength, becoming powerless. I know some of these people who became ill helping the family, sometimes carrying extra heavy loads for their adult children, who so requested.

Are you taking care of yourself? If not, why do’nt do it? When will you do it?

Ask yourself the question: How do you feel when you are sharing yourself with others? If the answer is: I feel joy, happiness, it means that you work with the agent himself, with a sense of self-love and love for others. When you feel tired, helpless, then it brings the damage, and the other does not help, only induce their appetite for more, without a sense of gratitude. Then you act with a sense of powerlessness, and not out of a sense of power and love. Take care of yourself first. Then you just work with the center of your power. Find your center of power.

What will you do today to find it?


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