Fibromyalgia sufferers: The patterns of health are within you...

Each of us has a pattern of health and growth, even when suffering from various health problems. Anyone can play it, to build its ideal form.
Recently I spoke with a woman who feels that she lives in a constant rush and tension, resulting in prolonged her health problems. Instead of slowing down, time that could be spend to improve this state (time management), she is dedicated to the continual visits to the medical specialists and more tests, and they prescribe the following medications that do not produce the expected results. Not seeing the effects of treatment, the woman is looking for new professionals in a hurry doing professional work, as well as parental and family responsibilities.

 She does not understand that the use of drugs do not produce an effect in the case of her problems with the gastric mucosa, as by her haste she constantly stimulates further erosion, badly in nourishing, living under stress. This is an example of how to patch a deep wound, which is scrambling from the inside.
It creates a vicious circle effect. This woman thinks she need another doctor who will prescribe the wonder drug, and she swallows it and nothing will change in her behavior, still hurrying. Such a person can not help until she is ready to do anything. It is expected that the doctors, medicine will do anything for her. It will run on.
What is the purpose of the course? Does she want to get health from the outside, but she did not do anything in this direction?
What can you do today to find your pattern to your health and the way to it?
Healing Fibromyalgia.


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